Adjustable Billing Rates
Easily track and schedule your billing rates.
Inflation is up. Construction costs are up. Salaries are up.
Are your billing rates keeping up?
We are rolling out Adjustable Billing Rates to all customers over the next few days.
If you are planning to increase your rates this year, you will be able to:
  • Schedule and update your billable rates across projects from one central location.
  • Track variations to your billing rates, such as standard, discounted, or client-specific rates.
  • Improve your decision-making with more accurate reporting based on your future billing rates.
Compact Invoice Layout
Send your clients invoices in a compact format that fits more on a single page.
Monograph Invoices Compact Layout
Get paid faster by invoicing clients at the level they expect.
New Planner! Plan, Invoice & Track your Consultant Fees by Phase
Big improvements have come to Monograph based on feedback from architecture firm leaders like you.
Now you can:
  • Streamline Your Budgeting in Project Planner
  • Invoice Consultant Fees by Phase
  • Track Consultant Fees by Phase from Planned to Paid
See highlights and how-to guides below.
Tip: Watch this video for a quick tour and customer chat.
Budget Faster in Project Planner
Architecture projects are complex. You need to manage budgets efficiently, accurately and collaboratively.
When you centralize plans for every project and phase, you help your teams reduce the risk of overspending budgets.
In the new Project Planner, your real-time planning process will become more intuitive and accurate.
Now you can:
  • Plan and adjust projects efficiently with easier tools for allocating budgets
  • See a clear summary of your planned fees, phases & roles
  • Add consultants by phase so you can invoice more accurately
Invoice Your Way for Consultant Fees by Phase
Some clients want simplicity. Other clients need full transparency.
With Monograph, you get flexibility.
Reduce your risk of client disputes, write-offs and late payments by sending invoices at the level of detail your clients expect.
With this new update, you control the visibility your clients get into your consultant fees whenever you invoice.
Now you can:
  • Hide your consultant fees within your total phase fees
  • Itemize your consultant fees by phase
  • Group your consultant fees in a separate section
Track Consultant Fees by Phase from Planned to Paid
Client budgets are limited. Your team needs to balance happy clients and healthy projects.
In Project Financials, your project managers can track phase fees in more detail, including consultant fees, so you can improve delegation and reduce the risk of your teams overspending budgets.
Now you can:
  • Visualize all phase fees from planned, logged, invoiced, paid and past due
  • Include the sum of your consultant fees within your total phase fees
  • Track expenses and other items across logged, invoiced and paid
Want to learn more about invoicing with Monograph?
Click here to get started
Plus, now you have even more tools for tracking and growing your firm in 2023:
  • Save time with new Assign role to all phases button in Project Planner
  • Export your Project Financials tab to share with clients
  • Export all Invoices to CSV to analyze your data in more detail
  • See completed phases in your Project Planner
  • Compare the payment type for every paid Invoice
  • See service fees for invoices paid via Monograph Payments
  • Filter by client in your Projects Overview
Watch the webinar recording
for a quick tour and customer chat.
How much money is sitting in past due invoices right now?
“Good Morning! I just wanted to say thank you for adding the totals in the invoice section! We love this feature and will use it all the time. Another great add! Have a good day!”—Erik Frandsen, Frandsen Architects, PC
Compare your Projects by Size and Construction Cost
Which projects are a good fit for your firm?
Sharpen your accuracy for when you create proposals for new projects.
  • Set client expectations about how much their project really costs.
  • Gut check your fees to make sure that you're in line with where the market is today.
  • Track two new data points for any project: project size and construction cost.
  • Filter your projects by size in Projects Report to compare fee performance.
  • Find patterns in your cost/sqft and fee/sqft to improve your business development.
Compare Totals in Organization Time Log
Where does all that time go in your architecture firm?
Group your time log data by phases, projects, activities, or people.
Compare the total hours and fees used across different filters over time.
Learn from your data in the Organization Time Log.
Organization Time Log
If you could analyze all of the time your team spends on projects, what patterns would you find?
Find patterns in your timesheet data using your Organization Time Log.
  • What activities did the team spend their time on last week?
  • How much fee is going towards client meetings alone?
  • How many hours does your team actually spend on renderings in schematic design?
  • How long does anything, and everything, take in your firm?
By answering these kinds of questions, you can make better estimates and find which specific areas to improve next.
Explore your data using your Organization Time Log. What patterns can you find across your firm?
Unbilled Report
Never lose track of unbilled work again.
Find out which projects you should invoice next, and for how much.
Now, you can invoice faster by starting with a list of all your billable projects that have unbilled time.
As your team tracks time in Monograph, their activity data adds up automatically in your Unbilled Report, so you can reduce the total time spent on invoicing every month.
Ready to get started? Check out your Unbilled Report in your Invoicing tab to see which projects you should invoice next, and for how much.
Client Directory
See all of your client details in one place. Learn about Client Directory in 2 minutes.
Ready to get started? Go to your Client Directory to see all your projects and invoices for any client.
Daily Activity Summary
Opt into a daily digest of all the task updates and activity within Monograph to stay on top of your project tasks.
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