For a limited time, Monograph will cover your first 10 ACH convenience fees!
Monograph-Convenience Fees Offer
Experience the benefits of accepting online payments today with 2 quick steps:
  1. Integrate with Stripe, our secure payment processing partner.
  2. In the “Preview” tab of your next invoice, check the box for “Allow bank transfer (ACH)”.
That’s it! Get started before this offer gets redlined 🙂
Track the flow of project revenue from planned to invoiced.
Want a closer look at your month-to-month revenue? We hear you! Projects Report now includes issued invoice totals. Use it to quickly compare planned, logged, and issued project revenue across time.
Monograph-Projects Report
After you’ve issued invoices in Monograph, you can click here or go to
Reports > Projects
to track project revenues.
Easily staff your entire team months ahead to forecast capacity.
Staffing (previously known as “Resource”) has added a new monthly editor so you can allocate your team’s hours up to a year ahead. Colors help to quickly identify team members that are under or over allocated so you can plan for what’s ahead.
Monograph-Monthly Staffing
Ready to get started?
  1. Click here or go to
    Staffing > Monthly
  2. Select an individual to which you’d like to allocate hours.
  3. Add hours manually or use 🔄 to automatically staff time based on hours assigned in the Project Planner.
Happy Staffing!
Get the most out of your firm’s time and billable hours.
Two incredible new reports are here for you!
Use the new Utilization Rate Report to quickly track and compare your firm’s utilization rate and target rate. But don’t stop there! The new Realization Rate Report shows how effectively billable hours are converting into revenue.
Monograph-Utilization & Realization Rate
To start tracking each rate against your target:
  1. Go to
    Settings > Organization > Utilization Rate
    to add your target.
  2. Go to
    Settings > Organization > Realization Rate
    to add your target.
  3. Click here or go to
    Reports > Performance
    to track your firm’s utilization and realization rates.
Reduce payment convenience fees for your firm by including those fees in your client invoices.
Select whether convenience fees are covered by your firm or your client. But don’t worry, it’s not a global setting. You can change these selections from one invoice to the next so that you make the decision that works best for you.
Monograph-Convenience Fees
To accept online payments and add convenience fees to your invoices:
  1. Be sure that you’ve integrated your Stripe account so that you can accept online payments.
  2. Select whether or not you’d like to “pass convenience fee to client” when previewing your invoice.
  3. After accepting online payments, you can track convenience fees by going to Invoices > Invoices in your account.
Compare profits and losses against planned metrics.
Ready to see how effectively you plan for your bottom line? The improved “Profit” report (formerly “Planned Profit”) uses invoicing data to more accurately track profits and losses against planned metrics.
Monograph-Profit Report
After invoicing in Monograph, you can see your firm’s profit by clicking here or going to
Report > Profit
Notice that you’re able to filter by issued and paid invoices to get a full picture of your profits as they relate to planned profits.
Instantly send multiple invoices to Quickbooks Online.
We’re on a never-ending mission to save you time. Now you can batch send invoices to QBO without clicking into each invoice.
Monograph-Batch Send to QBO
To send multiple invoices to QBO, go to Invoices > Invoices or click here and then:
  1. Use the checkboxes on the left to select your invoices.
  2. Click Actions (top right) and choose “Send selected to Quickbooks online”
Note that this function is only applicable to users that have connected Monograph to their QBO account.
Retainers are a powerful tool with significant financial benefits for your firm.
Now you can easily collect, track, and apply retainer fees in Monograph!
Why should you use retainers?
  • Helps establish client commitment for your services
  • Ensures a pool of funds to draw from for payment
  • Builds trust between you and your client
  • Reduces your time to get paid
  • Stabilizes cash flow
Here’s how to begin collecting retainers:
  1. Go to the Project Overview in the project you wish to collect a retainer
  2. Click the Create Invoice button in the “Collect a Retainer” container
  3. Confirm “Invoice number” and “Services through” dates (which can be hidden on the retainer invoice)
  4. You will then be taken to the “Other Items & Retainer” tab where you can click Add Retainer and specify an amount and description
  5. Finalize details and styling in the “Designer” and “Preview” tabs to complete your retainer invoice
Once paid, you have the option to apply retainers to any project invoice thereafter!
Your partner in getting paid and retained,
Organize your consultants alongside your team and clients.
You already organize your team and client directories in Monograph. Now you can easily manage your consultants at an individual and company level in a single directory, as well.
Monograph-Consultants Directory
Start your consultant directory today by clicking here or going to
Directory > Consultants > Add Contact
Track your invoice status between clients, projects, and categories.
Invoices are the lifeline of your business. Now you can see invoice metrics that will help you understand cash flow and make better business decisions.
Monograph-Invoice Overview
Review invoice statuses for specific clients, projects, or categories to see totals and better understand how each impacts your average time to get paid.
Go to
Invoices > Overview
or click here and then:
  1. Select your desired date range
  2. Filter by client, project, or category (optional)
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