Give your clients the best experience with
saved payment methods
invoice lists
We’re incredibly excited to announce a couple of new features that will give your clients an incredible experience and keep them coming back for more of your services.
Saved payment methods
Clients can now save and reuse their payment methods when they pay an invoice electronically. That makes checking out a breeze and it means you get paid even faster. Read more here.
Fun fact:
firms that get paid electronically on Monograph get paid 2x faster, on average, than firms that don’t!
Client invoice list
We’re also giving your clients access to a list of their invoices, with some nice totals, so you’ll never have to resend an invoice again. Read more here.
With these improvements, your clients will have a smoother experience and you'll spend less time digging up past invoices and answering questions. Give your clients a heads-up and encourage them to create client accounts today! 👍