Staffing and timesheets for next week

Monograph has added in a view for next week on Staffing and exposed next week's Timesheet to allow you and your team to have another view with which to plan ahead and understand expected workloads in advance.
"Next week" Staffing
When selecting a timeframe to view Staffing, select "Now" to view the current week and "Next week" to view the allocated staffing hours for each team member's phases and to make adjustments for a single week only.
When assigning phases that are not current to staff on Next week, we will extend the start or end date of the phase to those of the next week, not the current week.
Please double check the view you are on before making these changes or any other edits to staffed hours!
Next week's timesheet
In line with the changes to Staffing, you and your team can also access next week's timesheet in advance. Use the date selection in the top right to access.
As with Staffing, please make sure you are on the correct week's timesheet before making any changes.